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Five Free Services to Create Email

Free email accounts seem to be available in the hundreds, but there are quite a few differences when it comes to email. The mailbox is now a very useful tool for almost any user. It is now impossible to register on most sites without email. There are many free services where you can register an email box now, but it is important to choose the most reliable among them. This guide to email providers will help you choose the best free email account.


Outlook Mail

Microsoft’s mail service is convenient first of all because you will have one profile at once for mail, Skype, and for logging into Windows. If it becomes necessary to transfer all your mail to Outlook, you can use the tool from

Outlook features include:

  • powerful message filter;
  • built-in calendar (mail will always remind you of all important events);
  • 15 GB of free storage;
  • integration with other popular services;
  • you can use aliases (to hide your real email address).


Mail from the world’s most popular search engine Google. The main advantages of this mail service:

  • sufficiently large inbox volume: you immediately get 15 GB of space, which can be filled with any messages and files;
  • one of the best anti-spam filters (you can also customize these filters yourself);
  • quick search among hundreds and thousands of letters in the mailbox;
  • after creating a mail, you will automatically get access to many Google services;
  • mail automatically arranges letters in various directories;
  • the ability to edit Word and Excel documents online;
  • very high level of security.

Yahoo! Mail

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A very popular postal service. Its main features:

  • huge box size — 1 TB;
  • convenient and well-thought-out design;
  • very high level of security;
  • convenient contact editor;
  • built-in messenger for quick and short messages.

AOL Mail

This is a free web service from AOL that features:

  • built-in calendar and customizable to-do list;
  • several themes for mail design;
  • spell check of each letter;
  • additional services on the main site.

It is designed with intelligence and taking into account the already existing long-term experience of the company.

Zoho Mail

Securely encrypted mail with many advanced features: calendar, chat, notes, task manager, etc. Great for working business correspondence. The main features are the following:

  • minimalist design;
  • many filters;
  • the ability to activate two-factor authentication;
  • strong end-to-end encryption;
  • support for windows with multiple tabs;
  • built-in chat.

Advertisers and marketers love email as it allows them to send ads directly to your inbox — all they need to know is your email address, or they might even start their marketing campaign through an email service provider. For this reason, it is important to choose your email service provider carefully.

The challenge is to find an email provider that balances features, usability, and security; perhaps even with the option of using encrypted email.

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