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FDA Reminds Twitter Not to Take Animal Anti-Parasite Medication

Remember when a certain public figure suggested injecting bleach might be a way to prevent/cure Covid-19? Yeah. We remember, and we still can’t believe there were actual people who believed it, did it, and suffered the consequences. In that same vein, apparently the newest NOT ADVISABLE craze includes ivermectin, a medication used to treat cows and horses suffering from parasites.

Yeah, so, DON’T use medication that hasn’t been prescribed for you by your actual licensed medial doctor. And maybe also DON’T use medication that is not approved for humans.

The FDA does mention in their public service announcement (seriously, they had to issue one) that ivermectin tablets are used to treat humans, but those don’t seem to be the thing these people are taking.

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What you CAN do to protect yourself is get vaccinated, wear masks (even if you are vaccinated), continue to practice social distancing.

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