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Pennsylvania Library Becomes Famous for Their Cosplaying Cat

When you run a library, there are plenty of ways to promote books you love. You can have an employee picks section. Or maybe have a special read to a dog day, something that I’ve taken my daughter to at our local library. It’s neat, you get a card with the dogs info and they sit there happily while you read them a book of your choice. But there are many ways that a library can promote on social media as well.

Center County Library is doing their due diligence and have been dressing up a cat named Horatio to match literary partners. They’ve created posts for things like actors birthdays that coincide with the media the cat is cosplaying as. They’ve done all kinds of things for anniversaries. And the posts they make just get cuter and cuter. Check out some of the posts below!

This started in 2014 when Lisa Shaffer began making her cat Horatio costumes. Horatio has become the face of the Centre County Library & Historical Museum in Bellefonte, Centre Hall, and Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.

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