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Most Common Reasons for Rejection in US Colleges for International Students

All those international aspirants willing to get enrolled in US colleges must read this article with their mind and heart to grasp a better idea of the psychology of a common US college admission office. You may wonder why some international applicants face so many troubles and why it is so competitive here. 

Even after the admission, they might face several challenges in academics but here they can come up with some quick fixes like seeking professional help in academics and by hiring a professional case solution writing service which is quite common but this is probably the next phase, first, get enrolled!

Here in this article, we would explain some of the most common reasons that cause the rejection of international aspirants. Just stay tuned and focused. 

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Finance is always a major consideration here.

Well, one might wonder that despite being in a pretty robust financial position and having a bulky bank statement, why on earth would this still be one of the reasons for rejection? There are around 6 or seven schools that are explicitly need-blind and they usually have onboard more domestic students than international students and the reason behind this is the money. The logic behind this is that the international students with full aid packages cost more to the institution as compared to the domestic or local students.

Local US students are covered with government-backed various aid and loans programs that ensure that students don’t face any troubles during their academics due to finance at all. So the domestic aspirants are mainly money protected to put it so. This implies that most colleges here in the US are need-aware. They would always be highly concerned whether you are in a pretty comfortable position to pay all your dues or not. So in a nutshell, local admission offices know that local students are always in a much stronger position to pay, so money is undoubtedly a major consideration. 

Cultural diversities and clashing norms

Despite being the most sought out educational destination, the US somehow has a certain typical mentality or choice to say it mildly. Another reason is the individualistic grading mechanism which seems limited to the US only is that the selection process isn’t entirely based upon your grades and academic excellence. In most countries around the world, this is all about your test score, the higher the score, the better the chance to get admission. This is not the case with the average US admission officer’s psyche.

Here your grades might only be a fraction of a factor of this comprehensive mechanism. Here they need to look into your individual and personal qualities as well and all those factors that could positively contribute to the overall college ambience. They want to know whether you have guts, a character, potential, your urge to participate in positive activities, who you want to be, whom you are inspired from, what are your ideals and how you want to bring about a change in the world. An international student would struggle with these due to cultural differences. 

Language is another major barrier

The language somehow isn’t the biggest challenge that one cannot overcome but still, as a matter of fact, this is one of the major barriers that keep international students from entering US colleges. Those international students who don’t have their previous school in English suffer even more. Such students keep struggling with the translation since all their ideas emerge in their mind in their first language and then they translate these ideas again into English and during this lengthy process, they get lost in translation which is quite a worrying factor. 

Moreover, there are certain jargon and specific words that might be limited to the US only, when translating these very unique words or phrases, they again struggle with the translation. In addition, most international students with a pure intention to impress the reader start using big fancy words in their essays which is not a common norm here in the US. The use of such fancy words makes your writing a bit awkward for a common US reader. Using such fancy and flowery language further offends the reader.

Lack of extracurricular involvement

This is pretty common for most educational systems that they have deemphasized the extracurricular activities from their college believing that academics is the only sector that is worth all the time and energy of the students. They believe that it’s all about the tests and grades and presentations etc which we believe is never a smart enough approach. A student needs to groom his overall personality as an individual is a social animal. 

The same is the fourth major hindrance that might keep many students from entering into US colleges since an average US college admission office will essentially expect you to showcase your skills in extracurricular activities like gaming, basketball, chess, debate or whatever you are interested in. This is somehow undeclared yet an absolute aspect of your personality which is noticed in detail and admired here in the US.  

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