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School Cafeteria Welcomes Students With “Jurassic Park” Eating Area

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of unease about schools and the state of COVID-19. So, what can you do if you work in….say the cafeteria, and want to make things a little better for students? Or better yet- what if your school’s mascot is a dinosaur? Well, common sense would probably tell you that you NEED to decorate the cafeteria like “Jurassic Park” right? I mean it makes sense to me!

Pablo Torres works in a school cafeteria, and posted a TikTok of the newly redone area for the Cabazon Dinos. All I know is I wish I was a kid that went to that school.

From the moment the camera starts, you’re immediately pulled into the scenery. There’s jungle leaves adorning the area where students can grab the fruit of the day. There’s a special welcome on the television screen that says Cabazon Dinos in the Jurassic Park Logo. That same logo was made into decals that now show on the shields above the food buffet, and a cute dinosaur was shown at the bottom of the stall.

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Moving right they show a banner that says When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, and a dinosaur poster you can see through the window where the team prepares meals. There’s even a tyrannosaurus bust on the wall!

This team went above and beyond to make these kids feel safe in a very uncertain time. And for that we should all thank them. And commend them on such a cool idea! Here’s the TikTok video where you can get the full tour of the space.

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