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Five Best Apps to Trade in Cryptocurrency

For newbie investors and crypto pros, there are certain applications, which can amplify the crypto trading experience and streamline the process of adding more coins to your portfolio. From portfolio managers and exchanges to lending platforms, there is an array of mobile apps, which every crypto trader must have on their phone. However, if you are starting out and do not know which apps to use for trading, we are here to help you out. In this article, we will address some of the best apps for cryptocurrency trading. You can even find some Blockchain courses online to learn about this investment option in-depth. So, let us get started and address them one by one. 


As students, you may barely have time to research the top crypto exchanges. So, we have found one of the easiest apps for you, which is Coinbase. It has a transparent pricing system, robust security, and is user-friendly. The app also has a Coinbase Pro, wherein you will experience greater features in terms of indicators and charts and a low fee structure. 

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However, before you start trading on the app, we recommend you research a bit about the functionalities and features within the app. This will ensure that your money and digital currency stay safe. If you find it hard to squeeze time for the research, you can outsource your homework from TFTH or buy coursework online and do thorough research in Crypto trading because this investment can reap abundant long-term rewards. 

An excellent aspect of the Coinbase app is that it has a plethora of altcoin choices. In addition, the liquidity is massive, and the user interface is simple. The only low side of the app is that users who do not use the Coinbase Pro app might find the fees quite high. Also, users do not control the wallet keys, which can be disappointing for some users. 


Delta is a comprehensive app for people who aspire to indulge in crypto trading. However, the application has a small learning curve, especially for people who are new to the field of cryptocurrency. However, it is one of the most prevalent apps as it supports more than seven thousand different coins. So, you have abundant trading options to select from. An excellent feature of this app is that the app data directly syncs across multiple platforms. So, you can access it from anywhere as desired. In addition, you can find advanced features on the app, such as investment status, trades, asset location, asset history, and trade history. 

Cash App

Another brilliant application for crypto trading is the Cash App. We like this app for its ease of usage and the flexible withdrawal options to the other crypto wallets. Its peer-to-peer money transfer system is quite similar to platforms like Zelle or Venmo. You can use the app to pay rent to your roommate, split food, and even shop at a retailer that supports this app. Unfortunately, the problem that we see with the Cash App is that it supports just Bitcoin. So, if you want to trade in any other cryptocurrency, you will have to download another app. More so, if you send money via your credit card, you will be charged a fee of three percent.

Another thing that we do not quite like about the app is that they have a weekly and a daily withdrawal limit. This may be inconvenient for some users. However, a remarkable feature of the app is that it works just like your bank account. So, users can even get their Cash App debit card for trading. You can use the app to invest in Bitcoin, ETFs, and stocks. 

We understand that students will barely find time to study an app thoroughly amidst all the tough and lengthy assignments and homework. So, for student investors venturing into Crypto trading for the first time, this can be one of the best apps. However, if you still need more time studying the app in detail, you can consider outsourcing a few of your assignments before starting trading. For example, you can conveniently find ‘do my statistics homework‘ services or any other homework service online and use that time saved to study this app before you get into crypto trading. 


This crypto trading application has recently garnered immense popularity on social media. Consequently, it has caught the eye of many crypto traders. Using this exchange application, users can trade cryptocurrency in an array of ways, such as P2P, BTC, US dollar, and even INR. What’s more? The platform even has a coin of its own called the WRX. You can invest in this coin, too, to get good returns, or you can use WRX to trade in other cryptocurrencies. A remarkable feature of this app is that it lets you earn coins via a different contest. You can know more about these contests via the info section of the application. To secure your investment, you can use App password or two-factor authentication. There is a charging fee of 0.2 percent on the maker and taker. The amount can be deposited to the WRX wallet via UPI, IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT. UPI has no applicable charges, while NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS do have some fees applicable.


If you need one of the most reliable platforms for crypto trading and exchange, Binance can be your go-to platform. The platforms provide a trading opportunity for over 150 cryptocurrencies. The program even has an API to integrate the trading app. One of the most incredible factor about the Binance app is that it provides you with an array of tools to trade online. More so, it is one of the leading exchanges, which offers round-the-clock support. The platform is compatible with PC clients, Android, iOS, and Web. You can find both advanced and basic exchange interfaces to trade on Binance. 

So, these are the top five most recommended apps to trade in Bitcoin and other altcoins. They are safe and all straightforward to use. Have more such app suggestions? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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