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LUMIPOD Cabins Connect to Nature with Receding Wrap Around Windows

Are you looking to invest in a cabin that still allows you to see out into nature with a panoramic view? Sick of the boring old wood cabins that all look so.. boxy? Well, LUMIPOD has pre-fabricated cabins that are circular and can let in the fresh air. Check out the design below!

Each LUMIPOD comes with a bathroom including a sink, shower and toilet. They have an air conditioner unit that doubles as a heating unit that sits atop the cabin. The windows in the front are retractable so you can have all the fresh air you need.

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Currently they say that you need to run your own power and water to the cabin but they are looking to find ways to make them self sustainable in the future.

If you want a bit more privacy than the windows they are equipped with curtains that wrap around the perimeter. These come three different sizes. The LumiPod 5, LumiPod 6 and LumiPod 8 : from the 18m² minimalist hotel room to the 42m² family cocoon. They also have a personal sauna that you can get as well.

LUMICENE is a French company developing a circular and reversible window concept in collaboration with Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain is an architectural supply company that designs things based on the well being of the user.

You can check out LUMIPOD’s pre-fabricated cabins here. Right now they are taking pre-orders for the United States, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand.

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