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Revolution x PEBBLES Makeup Collab Celebrates 50 Years of Cereal!

“Watch me trick Fred out of his Fruity Pebbles!” that iconic line from almost every Pebbles commercial will soon be said in Ulta stores across the nation. British make up and skin care brand Revolution is collaborating with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to feature Post’s Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles cereals. As patrons start seeing this new collaboration come out, it’s guaranteed that people will flock to the shops just to get some. They’ve come up with a yummy set of makeup any fan of the cereal would love to have.

Inspired by the vibrant and rich colors of Fruity PEBBLES™ and Cocoa PEBBLES™ cereals, the collection features a range of delicious colors and shades that will have consumers yelling “Yabba Dabba Doo!™” Each of the collections bring the Fruity PEBBLES™ and Cocoa PEBBLES™ flavors to life, offering a total of 22 products from eyeshadow palettes to Bedrock inspired lip glosses, that will transport consumers straight to the Stone Age and give fans an enticing PEBBLES™ experience to feast on.

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“Revolution Beauty is privileged to be partnering with Post Consumer Brands and Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring the PEBBLES™ brand to life through a dedicated cosmetics collection. For 50 years, the PEBBLES™ brand has been garnering fans from across the world. Here at Revolution Beauty, we wanted to build on the success of PEBBLES™ by joining forces with our I Heart Revolution team for a fully vibrant and lively cosmetics collection. As a brand that acknowledges the importance of individuality, vibrancy and originality, we continually strive to nurture relationships with like-minded partners who align with our mission to bring inclusivity and energy to our audience.”

Adam Minto, Revolution Beauty founder

One of the most revered cartoons of all time, “The Flintstones” aired from 1960-1966. And PEBBLES™ cereal, named for Fred and Wilma’s daughter, was the first brand ever created around a media character. The cereal came out in 1971 and has since become a staple of family breakfasts around the world.

Check out Ulta and RevolutionBeauty for a chance to get these starting August 18th, 2021. Fans can secure early access to the collection by signing up for the pre-sale here.

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