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Millennium Falcon Sand Sculpture has Tiny Cockpit For Chewbacca

Leonardo Ugolini has created probably the smallest and most detailed Millennium Falcon from sand we’ve ever seen. He posted a video detailing how he made, as well as the finished sculpture, to his YouTube and Instagram.

In the video, you can see Ugolini create all the things on the ship that we recognize it for. The details on the back, the rectenna dish (short for rectifying antenna) on the front. And, he even made a tiny cockpit for a paper cutout of Chewbacca to sit in.

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Leonardo Ugolini is known for creating sand castles around the world and never fails to disappoint. He’s done sculptures of the largest sandcastle in the world along with other nerdy things like the entire end scene of “The Lord of The Rings” where he made The Eye of Sauron and Mordor.

Ugolini was born and raised in Forli, Italy, and says that he’s always been fascinated by nature and space. He’s always played with some sort of artistic medium whether that be drawing, modeling plasticine or playing with LEGOs.

He attended the University of Architecture in Florence. That coupled with his love of sand castle building has brought him the unique knowledge of what will work in a sand castle and what wont. It’s really neat to watch and listen to him as he narrates his videos and it’s quite nice to hear someone get excited about something they enjoy.

For the past 30 years Leonardo has been mastering the art of making sand sculptures and organizing sand (sculpture) events around the globe. You can follow him on TikTok here.

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