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Florida Man Jumps Barrier, Gets Attacked by Jaguar at Zoo

Another day, another Florida Man doing something extremely stupid that results in an injury that could only really happen in Florida. In this case it involves a Jacksonville jaguar. No, not a football player- I mean an actual feline jaguar that happened to be in Jacksonville. Sad thing is, Florida being Florida, you probably would’ve believed the story either way.

In this case, our story unfolds at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens within their Range of the Jaguar display. Featured there is a fenced-in area where jaguars are housed. In order to keep people away from the fence, a waist-high barrier is constructed four feet away from the fence. On Wednesday, July 28th, the aforementioned Florida Man decided he was going to cross that barrier. As we currently do not have a picture or video of the incident, we’ve decided to include an artist’s rendition of the scene before the attack.

Picture courtesy of renowned artist, Heath Andrews
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Though the Florida Man currently remains unnamed, the jaguar, according to reports, is named Harry. Florida Man allegedly decided to antagonize Harry by crossing the barrier and sticking his hand through the fence. Harry, being a wild jaguar, took a swipe at Florida Man’s hand, injuring him. The man, though injured, got off light all things considered. According to the Associated Press, Harry had previously been in a fight which left another jaguar dead.

Animal lovers will be happy to know that there are no plans to punish the animal for its deeds considering proper precautions were taken and the animal was just acting as any wild animal would when antagonized. Furthermore, here at Nerdbot at least, we would assert that anybody who would cross a barrier and actively put their hand INTO A JAGUAR ENCLOSURE, should fully be aware of the repercussions of their actions.

Oh Florida Man, will your wonders never cease?

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