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Elmer’s Releases New Scented Glue Sticks, Please Don’t Eat Them

First and foremost, I want to say that personally I love anything scented. I own Mr. Sketch markers, Crayola scented colored pencils and crayons, and even scented dabbers you would use for teaching or bingo. For homeschooling parents, these might be a great way to get our kids to keep engaged with the work at hand. But for school teachers, these new scented glue sticks could be the stuff of nightmares.

Elmer’s has released scented glue sticks that every kid is going to want this year.. and that might make problems in the classroom.

One teacher took to Facebook to explain that she’s worried about the potential phone calls that would have to be made. She says she’s worried about kids daring other kids to eat the glue. Luckily though all of Elmer’s products are non toxic so even if they did it wouldn’t harm them. I mean.. how many other kids constantly applied the scented chapsticks and then licked their lips? Probably about the same amount of damage. Plus they wouldn’t release it if it wasn’t safe.

Elmer’s is always looking for a fun way to get kids to use their glue. Whether that be with glitter or colors that kids can make slime with or even just the disappearing purple glue. They’ve even partnered with popular YouTubers such as Moriah Elizabeth and had her create a huge slime display.

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While teachers may see this as a problem as a mom I love it. And if that means that I have to just buy it for the house then that’s fine. If my child did go to regular school I would just send her with the plain glue so as not to cause a problem. And lucky for teachers and parents the new scented glue pack comes with a bunch of regular sticks.

If you are looking for a set of your own, these are available at Walmart in store and online.

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