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Lips Water Fixture From Wayfair is SUPER Disturbing

What’s your ideal shower? Maybe it’s not even a shower, maybe it’s a nice waterfall or one of those rain shower heads. Have you ever considered showering in a stream of spit? Well guess what- thanks to Wayfair, you can do just that.

They even have a weird little commercial about it. I’ll let you watch that before I give you the details on this odd fixture.

The music makes it seem like it’s supposed to make you feel really sexy. There are little notes everywhere with lip impressions on them. And he seems to be having a great time in the stream of spit coming out of the wall. Yes I know it’s water but like, what guy is going to have a fixture like that in his home? Seriously if you want a good showerhead go with the rain ones. You won’t regret it.

1 of 1,033

What happens when his date comes over and sees that monstrosity? If it were me I would turn around and walk the other way because it could mean a couple of things. First off it’s alarming that his home is otherwise normally decorated and then BOOM big freaking lips. Secondly I would suspect they have a deeper meaning and it’s something I couldn’t fix. And third, if this was someone I was dating with intent to marry, I would be terrified at what kind of ring they would choose to propose with.


Anyway… Wayfair is selling this, and it comes in red, white, and black. The spout height is 8.4 inches so that’s less than a foot tall but far too big for lips in a wall. When reading the listing it says “craftmanship type” and next to it reads “no craftsmanship” which I thought was pretty funny. It’s also originally from China so maybe they have different ideas of what good home décor means.

Other Weird Lips

Did you know that there is a place in Japan that has weird heads that come kiss you knees in the bathroom? There was a viral video online not too long ago that made the rounds. Not only that but they yodel on their way to you.

It’s pretty odd, not gonna lie. Watch the video for the singing heads here.

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