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Wonderfully Savage Notes Found in Charles Bukowski Book

Poetry is usually a deeply personal thing to the writer and should be taken objectively. But for some it just sounds so self important that the best we can do is roll our eyes. Well it would happen that a previous owner of a book authored by Charles Bukowski was REALLY not impressed with how he came across.

Melissa Turkington, who happened to pick up the release, was impressed with the notes that were included in her new copy of the book.

It also makes me feel much better that these comments were made knowing he admitted to liking strong leaders in his lifetime. Who were these leaders you ask? Well…one of them was Adolf Hitler.

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The coolest part of all this is that the note taker who did this responded to Turkington’s thread. Katherine Esters shared her journal entry on Twitter after reading the book, where you can see the handwriting and attitude matches.

Read these comments where he absolutely gets wrecked. If you love reading comments on Reddit’s AITA posts then you’re going to love reading these too.

Yeah, so, maybe avoid Bukowski’s writings.

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