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Video Footage of Abandoned McDonald’s is an 80s Time Capsule

There is a new video of an abandoned McDonald’s that features interior design from the 1980s. According to the poster, the store closed in 2007 but thanks to a commenter with a lot of knowledge about McDonald’s, we know the interior’s date.

Posted online by Triangle of Mass, this video is a real time capsule. In it you can see the pink and teal color scheme that was featured on the seats and in the tile work. You’ll see old CRT security monitors and old drink fountains.

Dale Gibson gets into some specifics about not only the interior but the building itself:

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Here are some specs on this McDonald’s: building model is 38×89, meaning 38′ wide and 89′ long. It was the basic standard of USA buildings from 1981-1990. The building was remodeled to add salads in 1986 but never for a “double drive-thru”. According to the asset sticker on two of the monitors by the grilling area this was, most likely, a corporate (McOpCo) restaurant – basically the $$ volume was so low that the company could not sell it (to an unsuspecting new owner??) therefore they simply abandoned it. Since McDonald’s Corp owns “most” of the property and buildings in the USA where there are restaurants, I would bet you a Happy Meal that it is still on the books at Chicago Headquarters. Of note: McDonald’s never admits defeat therefore one would never know that they were closing a store or, in this case, abandoning one. You’d only know it when you arrived the next morning for your Egg McMuffin and no one was home.

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