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Oreo Releases Tutorial on How to Hide Cookies from Your Family

Oreo has released a new video giving cookie enthusiasts tips about how to hide cookies throughout the house. The thing about snacks is that no matter where you put them, they get found. Just ask my daughter who is my designated cookie hider because I have poor impulse control. I will always find those cookies!

However if my family chose to use a tactic like this- it may be a little bit harder to spot them.

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It’s not the first time that something like this has been used by a parent or roommate. This is probably the first time that Oreo has had these packages professionally printed. They probably won’t be selling these in stores but if they did it would certainly help moms out around the country. I have just the perfect spot to put that Betty Crocker Cookbook fake package, right next to my actual Betty Crocker Cookbooks.

Pro Tip: Hide your ice cream bars in a bag of peas. Ditch the box and cook the peas. Then reuse the bag for your delicious crunchy chocolate bars.

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