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Subway Website Claims Tuna DNA “Changes When You Cook It”

Subway has been having a hard time lately. They have a lawsuit against them currently from one of their customers stating that the ‘tuna’ they use is not real tuna. The New York Times published a report that claimed tuna tested from three different Subway restaurants contained no tuna DNA. And with all of the bad press from that discovery, the chain thought it necessary to create a whole dedicated website to defend themselves.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Subway news then you’ll probably find this hilarious. Or at the very least get a little chuckle out of it. I don’t usually eat their tuna but truth be told the bad press has me not even considering Subway as a place to eat. Personally I’ve always preferred Jersey Mike’s but that’s just me. And hey, if you’re reading this? Yes I would love some coupons.
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The whole site- -was definitely created as a response to the NYT article. On it, Subway has an informational chart that says basically “what you’ve heard” and “here’s the truth.” They point to this study that was run and published back in 2016 about how identifying fish through DNA testing isn’t accurate.

While it seems that the tuna lovers that shop frequently there aren’t deterred all this commotion does prevent new potential customers from seeking them out. Which is harmful to the company. I’m sure we’re going to find out a lot more when the lawsuit comes out with more details. Even if that means that they throw the case out for being ridiculous.

I think the only way to really set their reputation right again is to create an episode of “How it’s Made” where they show you from the boat to the consumer of how they do this whole thing. Of course with all the processing maybe they don’t want to show us what’s actually done to it. Just an idea. I’d be more apt to try it if I knew how it was made anyway.

Subway Tuna Infographic found on their new site
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