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Cat Interrupts News Weather Broadcast to Stare at Fly

Working from home has been great for some, problematic for others. We’ve seen videos of people’s kids come into the room during a meeting, a filter remains turned on, or maybe they forget they’re on camera. I would have to say that our favorite videos are those with animals, and this next one is a pleasure to watch. During a weather report CBS Minneapolis had broadcast from their reporters home her cat jumped up to stare at a fly.

It threw her off and she stopped talking probably in disbelief it was happening. Probably should have closed the door but we all know in that case the cat would just meow incessantly and probably be heard in the broadcast. I also want to point out that this cat did basically what all cats do when they see a bug. They just stare. It’s rude and not helpful. But in this case it was rather cute. Watch the video below!

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