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How to Use Ray of Sickness in DnD 5e

Dungeons and Dragons, commonly referred to as DnD, has evolved over the years from a complicated game played by the elite few into one of the most played games worldwide. This transition has been made possible by popular shows such as the Big Bang Theory that aired across the globe. The new gamers have joined this network of players through series such as Critical Role and Acquisition Incorporated that were designed for online players. The development of the 5e edition has had unprecedented results, bringing in more players outside the usual geeks.

This article is focused on how to use the ray of sickness in the fifth edition of DnD. For this, you need to understand the specifics surrounding the use of Ray of Sickness.

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Ray of Sickness

In DnD 5e, the ray of sickness is a 1st level spell. It is sickening greenish energy that can be used against creatures that are within range. In the 5e, the ray of the sickness of a 1st level poison spell can be accessed relatively fast to make a 2d8 poison damage to the target. With this attack, the target is forced to make a Constitution saving throw; if they fail, they are considered to be poisoned till their next turn. When playing at higher levels, when you cast this spell using a spell slot from a higher level, then the damage incurred multiplies by 1d8 for every level above the first one. 

You need to keep in mind that this spell is only active until the end of your next turn. In its poisoned state, the creature becomes vulnerable to attacks and ability checks. However, in case the opponent has a multi-attack, then every roll could be to your disadvantage.

Features of the Ray of Sickness

The spell is found in the Player’s Handbook and takes one action to cast. This spell’s duration is instantaneous and works at a range of 60 feet.

Classes of Ray of Sickness 5e

• Classes- Sorcerer, Wizard

• Subclasses- Alchemist Artificer, Arcane Trickster Rogue, Death Cleric, Eldritch Knight Fighter, Undying Warlock, Undead Warlock.

• Races- Tiefling (Beelzebub).

• Background- Golgari Agent.

Which spells inflict the poisoned condition directly?

There are usually two spells that can cause a poisoned state, the Contagion 5e and the Ray of Sickness 5e. When playing Dungeons and Dragons Beyond, the game gives you a chance to go through various spells. One of the choices is ‘Conditions’ and specifically ‘Poisoned.’ With these spells, you can choose a condition for lesser restoration. For example, feign death and protection from the toxin.

With the ray of sickness, you can effectively cause damage to any monster or opponent within your reach. If the plan succeeds on three of these saves, then it’s no longer disputed, and the spell is canceled. However, if the goal fails on all three saves, then it is no longer afield, but you can choose from the diseases. Your plan of attack largely depends on the disorder you choose for the spell’s duration.

Ray of Sickness Flavour

This is a 1st level spell that is rather easy to conceptualize. Here is a brief description of how it could be described in my game:

The Necromancer coughs up some blood after receiving a heavy punch to the chest from the barbarian. He smiles gently and raises his hands with his fingers, quickly draws the arcane sigils in the air while muttering the arcane words required to activate the spell. As he finishes his words, he whips his hands towards the barbarian, and a gush of green energy shoots from his finger and wraps around the barbarian’s wrists. The energy ring around the barbarian begins to pulse as his arm begins to glow green from the poison. Even with the energy whip fading, you can still see the barbarian’s veins throb with a green color.

Which Spells inflict the poisoned condition indirectly?

Other spells can be used to summon monsters that in turn cause the poisoned condition. This move is, however, highly dependent on hitting the target and neglecting the saving throw. You can go with Homunculus to generate the poisoned condition. Damage caused by this move may not be rewarding, considering the price you have to pay.

You can decide to go with Greater Demon that gives you a chance to summon a rutterkin. However, if you choose to upcast to level seven, then you can choose shoosuva, which provides more blows and causes paralysis to the poisoned creature. You can as well convince your Dungeon Master to allow you to summon Lesser Demons, dretches that produce poisonous gases to induce the poisoned state in your opponent. Keep in mind that summoning demons could backfire on you.

You can conjure woodland beings or Fey to enable you to summon spirits that are armed with poisoned short bows. With this spell, you can summon specific beasts that can inflict the poisoned state. Use this spell when your opponent has clocked 0 hits, and they can no longer make any comeback. Some of the beasts include the giant spider, centipede, and giant poisonous snake. Despite dealing in poison damage, these beasts may not deliver when it comes to inflicting a poisoned state.

Alternatively, you can use the polymorph 5e to turn yourself and your company into monsters capable of causing the poisoned condition to the opponent.

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Final Verdict

The Ray of Sickness is definitely one of the best spells to have in your spell slot. This spell can come in handy on a rainy day when you have to deal with specific enemies under certain circumstances. The best part about using this spell is its ability to deal direct damage to the creature or opponent and provide lasting effects on your target despite being a 1st level spell.

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