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Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwiches With This DIY Maker!

What’s your favorite ice cream treat? For me it’s got to be a mix between those strawberry ice cream bars with the cake bits on the outside and the classic ice cream sandwich. You can get either at the grocery store but have you ever tried making your own? I never even thought of it but now thanks to some mindless browsing on Amazon I found a kit that makes me want to try. Especially since I think this would be a fun project with the kids.

This Chef’n Sweet Spot’s ice cream sandwich maker can make four sandwiches at a time! You can use your favorite brownie or cookie mix for the outside of the sandwich, and just regular scoops of vanilla for the inside. But you know what’s even cooler? You can literally use any flavor of anything because the combinations are now limitless. You want cookies n’ cream on the inside? You got it!

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The casing is silicone so the clean up is really easy. You just have to rinse it off with some warm water and voila! You’re ready to make some more. It comes with a recipe book and a spatula as well.

You can check out the Amazon listing here.

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