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Flying Car Makes Its First Successful Flight From City To City

Ever wonder what life would be like if we were “The Jetsons“? Well we may be able to know that soon! Or possibly in the next couple of decades. A flying car just made its first successful flight from city to city.

Slovakian company Klein Vision has just completed the first test flight of their AirCar hybrid vehicle. In Transformers-like fashion, the vehicle jetted from an airport in the city of Nitra to an airport in Bratislava. That’s a 35 minute flight! The company had been working towards this goal for the past two decades and it finally paid off June 28th.

In the video, you can see the vehicle transforming to and from a plane! The company had the car follow behind a plane to make sure nothing went wrong in flight. After landing the vehicle pulls its wings in and drives off on the freeway making it a perfect dual transportation option. I’m not sure how much these are going to cost when they’re mass produced but I want one!

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