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Watch: Person Performs Impressive Double Backflip On Jet-Ski

It seems that talent must be oozing from this person because I don’t know anyone who’d be able to pull this off without it. While playing around on a Jet-Ski one man was able to pull off not just one backflip but two in succession. As someone who ate it trying to ride her bicycle no handed, this is really impressive.

Thanks to Upprox for this image of a man who just loves his jet skis
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Now I’m not saying this was on purpose, it’s highly possible that it was just a stroke of luck. But it’s not any less impressive if that’s the case. Can you imagine being able to control your Jet-Ski like that? I’ve ridden on a Sea-Doo exactly once when I was a teen and they take some getting used to. This is just crazy!

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