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All 3 Seasons of “Sailor Moon Crystal” Are Now on Netflix

I’m pretty sure we Moonies predicted this would happen when we got the news that the “Sailor Moon Eternal” movies were dropping on Netflix. There was confusion for a while because previously Hulu and Crunchyroll had the rights to “Sailor Moon Crystal,” but now we can watch it on Netflix too! That means we’ll be able to binge seasons one, two, three, and then the movies that act as a season four!

It’s especially exciting considering they have both the dub and sub. Though I checked that Hulu has both languages available just now I can’t confirm that they had them previously. Hulu tends to only put out the dub for seasons the company contracted are not currently trying to sell more physical media for. Which is why if you look up “Sailor Moon” Season 5 of the original anime you’ll only be able to watch the subtitled version.

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There’s no telling how long they will have the series available but since it just dropped today odds are the licensing will be valid for at least a few years. So enjoy your time with “Sailor Moon Crystal” on Netflix! It would be a great time to call up your other Moonie friends and have a watch party!

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