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Stiletto Crocs are Coming in 2022 from Balenciaga

Need something to wear with your little black dress and can’t quite find what you’re looking for? Look no further than Balenciaga, because they’re teaming up with Crocs to create these stilettos. These will make their debut in 2022 in the new spring collection for Balenciaga.

You can see from the image, they’ve basically put a door stopper on the end of them. They’re very fashion forward I guess??? Truly an example of function over fashion.

Though for me, I tend to like Birkenstocks if I’m going to opt for a plainer look that also offers comfort….actually not even Birkenstocks but the Target knock off. I’m frugal can you blame me?

Speaking of frugal- these shoes are not for us. During their first collaboration with Crocs, they sold out of their $850 platform shoes before they even hit the market. We’re going in assuming that these will cost about the same as the first wave of product.

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These aren’t the only shoes they have coming out for spring. They also have these rainboots on the docket.

These could be fashioned into some cool wedding crocs. Of course they already have those and a whole lot more.

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