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5 DC Comics Characters and Their Pokémon Aces

A Pokémon trainer’s journey can be just as exciting and unpredictable as a superhero’s life of crime fighting. The Pokémon that a trainer leads with is the head of the team, and the first into battle, and the choice of a main can often be an exploration into the personality of the trainer themself. Let’s say that some of the heavy hitters of the DC Comics Universe were given a chance to take their very own Pokémon journey! Who could be the most suited for the honor of being such a legendary hero or villain’s right hand in battle?

Batman- Houndour

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Batman is a character that lives two separate, vastly different lives between his superhero persona and his secret identity. For this reason, he would need a versatile Pokémon that can appeal to both aspects of his personality while remaining flexible enough to switch roles as easily as Batman himself.

Houndour, the Dark/Fire type canid Pokémon would be the perfect battle main and companion for Batman. Houndour has the dark, mysterious aesthetic that Batman has made his entire brand. Brandished with skull and bone markings that cover its body, Houndour has a dramatic flair that Batman would find appealing. The Pokémon is known for moving in packs, which would keep Bruce Wayne’s anonymity under wraps were he to appear with Houndour outside of his superhero persona. Batman may be afraid to let others in, but being a dog, Hondour would not be afraid to become Batman’s most loyal companion and could seamlessly fit in as part of The Bat Family. 

Wonder Woman – Rapidash (Classic)

Every Amazon warrior could use a trusty steed for battle, and Wonder Woman is no exception. Always staying true to her Themysciran roots, it would make perfect sense for Wonder Woman’s main Pokémon to be equine. For this reason, the classic iteration of Rapidash is the only choice for Wonder Woman’s main Pokémon.

A fire type, Rapidash’s mane and tail resemble wild flames that burn hot and cannot be extinguished. Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most powerful heroes, immortal in nearly every iteration, practically unable to be extinguished herself. A Rapidash willingness to allow their trainers to ride upon their backs requires excellent trust on their behalf. Wonder Woman prides herself on honesty, openness, and trust, so the relationship between this pair would be a no-brainer.

Harley Quinn – Ditto

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Harley Quinn has a firecracker personality, but she can also be a sweetheart if the situation calls for it. With a personality as chaotic and often unhinged as hers, there are many different Pokémon types that could match. Harley Quinn can be any person depending on the time of the day, and the day of the week, so the only Pokémon that could possibly make sense to be her main would be the ironically named normal type, Ditto.

Ditto can be any Pokémon that Harley Quinn needs at the moment. If she’s feeling enraged, it can be a fire type to match her mood. If she’s utilizing her very proudly earned psychology degree, it could transform into any psychic type to be her companion at hand. If she needed it, Ditto could even transform into any weapon that Harley Quinn could possibly imagine. All in all, such a versatile Pokémon would do wonders for The Clown Princess of Crime.

The Flash – Raichu

Raichu is a Pokémon that rarely gets any love from the Pokémon fan community. Often overshadowed by its predecessor, the much more popular and recognizable Pikachu, this electric type beast has all of the stealth and energy of a Pikachu with ten times the power– but only in the right hands. See, a Raichu can only learn its most necessary skill, agility, while still in the Pikachu stage, and would require a trainer who would prioritize its speed over its electric power.

Who else would prioritize speed over any other super power? Barry Allen as The Flash, of course! An electric type Pokémon is the obvious choice for The Flash, with his tendency to generate a trail of electricity in his wake whenever he sprints. The Flash, despite his desire to always be quick and on the move, is disciplined enough to dedicate the time to raising a Pikachu with the necessary training to master agility, so that when it evolves into Raichu, it can be an even more faithful, powerful, and speedy companion for his superhero travels.

Aquaman – Gyarados

When evolving from Magikarp, water/flying type Gyarados undergoes a change in its brain that turns it into a nigh untamable beast of the sea. Its power and stubbornness outmatches most other water types, and any inexperienced trainer would find themselves a formidable challenge were they to take on a Gyarados as a partner. 

Aquaman would be no such inexperienced trainer. Powerful and headstrong, he would find his poke-soulmate in the form of a Gyarados, who is the natural choice for Aquaman in terms of type, and Aquaman’s superpowers are practically made for the match. Aquaman would have to put little to no effort into training a Gyarados, as he could simply use his telepathic abilities to compel Gyarados into serving him. Gyarados could also serve as The Heavy on Aquaman’s team, making any subsequent encounters with villains a walk in the park– or should one say– a swim in the sea.

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