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PDF Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

One of the most common formats — PDF — has plenty of benefits. It is compact, secure, and easy to create. Online tools allow you to combine several documents fast. However, there are many more options. Aside from changing the order of pages and compressing the size, users can modify their PDFs in countless ways. 

If you work with the format regularly, third-party utilities are irreplaceable. For instance, with CoolUtils software, you will combine PDF files in a flash — even thousands of pages! Add a table of contents and a cover page, create or import bookmarks, attach mp3s, and make other adjustments. Here is an overview of the best tips and tricks. 

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1. Multi-Format Merger

The most powerful tools are versatile: aside from merging PDFs, they let you use source files of other formats. Add Word documents, Excel sheets, JPEG images, and TIFF files to create a single PDF. It is a great option for corporate reports and presentations.

Both input and output are flexible. Searching for original files is easy. The tools can merge individual items or entire folders. It can even locate all files with particular characters in the name. 

The result is highly customizable. Aside from regular PDF, you can generate a non-searchable document. Another opportunity is PDF/A — the standard archiving format. Create anything from reports to invoices. One utility covers a broad spectrum of needs, personal and corporate. 

2. No More Limits on Size

Merge as many documents as you need — the volume is unlimited. Even thousands of pages can be joined together quickly. You cannot achieve this with simple online tools. Thanks to an offline combiner, precision is now guaranteed. 

3. Easy Navigation

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A combiner can generate a table of contents automatically. As it is clickable, users are taken to the necessary page in a split second. The volume does not matter. You can even create ebooks this way! 

Use bookmarks, too! You may keep the original ones or add markings from a separate file with TXT captions. The tool can also generate bookmarks based on document titles. All these preferences are set using an intuitive interface, so you will master the adjustment in seconds. 

4. Headers and Footers

Adding these elements is a breeze. Insert page counters, dates, or your company’s name. Enter any details you need, and the system will include them in the document. 

5. Blank Pages

Many tools allow you to delete unnecessary pages, but what about blank ones? They are handy for users with duplex printers. The system can automatically add blanks after a file with an odd number of pages. 

Use PDF to the Fullest

This format is more flexible than many people think. With a combiner tool, you can create professional-looking PDFs. Generate customized invoices, brochures, books, or banking documentation — all it takes is a few clicks. 

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