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How To Choose A Preschool in Brooklyn NY

What is the difference between private and public kindergartens in Brooklyn? What to look for, what are the advantages of each variety. What points do parents forget to pay attention to?

Features of kindergartens in Brooklyn

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For parents to work in peace and not worry about their baby, preschool Brooklyn was created. It allows not only parents to return to their business, but also contributes to the correct development of the child. Good conditions are created here to make him feel as comfortable as possible.

Which kindergarten is better: private or public?

When it comes time to choose the best preschool in Brooklyn, many parents try to find the most suitable option for their child. In the United States, most kindergartens are private, but there are also public ones.

Public child care Brooklyn accepts children from 5 years old. You need to register a few months before admission. NY has a government program that allows you to reduce the cost of attendance and even attend daycare for free. It is quite difficult to get into this program because there are a large number of applicants, and the number of places is limited.

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Public institutions allow you to prepare your child for school, it has a good educational program. The main disadvantage of this type of daycare is that there are much fewer of them and they are often located far from home.

Private preschool Brooklyn is much more affordable. They often open in places where there is an urgent need for it. Here you can send a child from 1 month old, which helps to quickly go to work and not waste time on maternity leave. The younger the child, the more expensive the daycare will be.

Private preschools can work according to different educational programs, have different technical equipment, and also hire staff with experience and without. In child care where the system is well organized, the cost of services will be higher. But it will benefit the child.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a good preschool, you need to consider the following points:

  • real feedback from parents who are already taking their children to preschool;
  • location (distance from work or home);
  • cost;
  • having a balanced diet;
  • work experience of the staff;
  • the presence of the necessary conditions for the comfort of the child.

Many parents send their children to the nearest preschool. On the one hand, this is a good strategy, because it allows you to solve many problems. But at the same time, it is necessary to take into account the cost of services, find out how meals are organized, how much the child will breathe fresh air, according to which program he will be engaged. Preschool classes must help prepare the child for school, as well as contribute to his correct mental and physical development of the child.

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