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How to Reference Super Heroes in American Sign Language (ASL)

Scrolling through TikTok, I found an interesting post that explained how to say some super hero names in American Sign Language (ASL). I don’t know a whole lot of ASL, but since my daughter saw “Godzilla VS. Kong,” we’ve been learning a little bit everyday. Red_are_roses put up a video explaining how you would reference the characters Iron Man, Batman, Superman, Hulk and Spider-Man.

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The post was made in response to one of their followers who said that her son was non-verbal. Looking for a sign for the character Iron Man @red_are_roses explained not only that sign but a few others.

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I’m just excited that now when I go to Disneyland California’s Avenger’s Campus I will know what some of the kids are talking about and may be able to respond. While all sign language is useful, for nerds like me these may prove to be the most used.

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