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Time to Level Up with Triple XP, Sylveon, Shiny Zigzagoon in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has enabled triple catch XP for the next six days! We encourage everyone who has not reached level 50 yet to take maximum advantage of this bonus. We would also like to salute those of you that have already reached the new maximum level. That is serious dedication. Eevee can now finally evolve into Sylveon. In addition, shiny Galarian Zigzagoon has been released for the first time. 

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Bring on the XP!

This brand new event is named “Luminous Legends Y”, after the five star raid boss Yveltal. Players can earn triple XP from now until Monday, May 31st at 8pm local time. This will become sextuple XP if you are using a lucky egg! An excellent throw could earn you six thousand experience just from the throw, if it is a successful catch. Another tip the pros use: remember to open your mystery box to spawn an hour’s worth of Meltan during this time.

The “Eeveelution” is complete.

Sylveon is the eighth and apparently final choice for Eevee’s evolution. It is a pure fairy type. It appears mostly white with pink highlights and blue details. The shiny version is light blue with pink details. Like all of the previous “Eeveelutions”, Sylveon has a name trick that works only once. If you nickname your Eevee “Kira”, the evolve button will display the Sylveon icon and you can safely press it for your new Sylveon. If you want more fairy type Eeveelutions in your life, you will have to earn them with hearts. Make Eevee your buddy and walk, battle, take snapshots and pet them until you have a total of 70 hearts. Previous hearts gained before the event started unfortunately don’t count, so you should be busy for approximately a week.

New awesome shiny!

Shiny Zigzagoon
Keep Going!
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Finally, shiny Galarian Zigzagoon has been released into Pokémon Go as well! You will definitely notice the difference, as the variant is not subtle at all. His black stripes are transformed into a dark red. The third stage, shiny Obstagoon, is an incredible display of Red, white and blue. He resembles a crazy freedom popsicle!

Stack 3 “win a raid” tasks and then complete a raid for up to four chances at a shiny at the same time!

Zigzagoon is in one star raids for the duration of this event. In addition, you may find him under field research that says “Win 1 Raid”. To maximize your chances of earning a shiny, we recommend that you try to save up until you have three of these tasks. Then do a raid featuring Zigzagoon. You have one free in person raid pass per day.

What do you think of this new event? Personally, some of us were very content when the level cap was 40 and we no longer had to worry about XP. We love the new shinies and appreciate the bonus though! 

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