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May the Force Be With this Lightsaber Gender Reveal

Gender reveals have gone terribly wrong in the past. I’ve personally written about explosives being used that have shook and cracked the foundations of houses around it. Some started massive fires, and some were just overly obnoxious. One couple however found the perfect way to reveal whether they were having a boy or a girl. Or in this case- a Luke or a Leia.

Jade Crystal Mills uploaded a video to TikTok which soon went viral. In the video you can see the decorations behind them as they get ready to turn the lights off. The only thing lighting the way after that would be either a blue or pink lightsaber. Watch the reveal in the video below!

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Our Star Wars gender reveal 😁 #LukeOrLeia #starwars #genderreveal #lightsaber @sabervault credit:@bryndle25

♬ original sound – bryndle

One thing is for sure, the force is strong with this little one!

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