Online Roulette: Everything You Wanted To Know But Didn’t Get Around To Asking

There is a straightforward reason why online roulette is the uncrowned king of internet casino gaming. Understanding how to play this type of game is an effortless process you can master within minutes. However, the more you study roulette, the more levels of complexity you discover, which means the fun never ends. Ask any discerning player, and they will tell you that there is a wrong and a right way to approach this game.

We recommend starting by memorizing roulette terms and then move on to basic game rules and strategies. The only way to calculate the ideal way to see a return on your investment is to understand the codependence of risk and reward. While there is no proven roulette strategy, you can use several steps to improve your winning chances. Here’s our online roulette guide, so let’s begin.

How To Play Online Roulette

Learning how roulette works should be a priority before you start unloading chips and betting on every spin. Basic roulette rules do not change regardless of whether you are playing at a brick-and-mortar casino or online. However, you must consider casino etiquette (and sometimes trivia) if you plan to play in a land-based establishment.

In other words, understanding and memorizing the formal game rules is a must. But, it would help if you also took the time to note the game’s informal rules. Play roulette only after you’ve done your homework and gained the confidence of thorough game understanding. 

Types Of Roulette Games

Roulette involves using the wheel, the table with various betting sections, and chips. The roulette wheel and ball are the essential elements, and the differences between different game types start here. You’ll notice slight variances between different wheels, and game variants exist due to these details. Here are the most common roulette types:

  • European 
  • American
  • French
  • Canasta 
  • Third Zero.

European Roulette

If you’re on the market for the most fundamental type of online roulette, you’ll find it with European roulette. The wheel features pockets numbered between 1 and 36, along with the number 0. 

This number features a green pocket on the wheel and provides the house edge to the casino. Every chip bet in European roulette pays 35:1 for any of the individual numbers.

American Roulette

The standard European game version found its way into American casinos (and culture) and quickly took over. The popularity of roulette grew to such heights that the Americans found a way to increase the house edge and ensure higher profits for casinos.

The American version of roulette features a 38th number on the wheel, which is a double zero. The resulting wheel features a doubled house edge compared to the European wheel, which is why players should avoid American roulette if they’re looking to win.

French Roulette

Unfortunately, French roulette is the least popular game variant despite the French inventing the game. There are few differences between the European and French versions, none of which are in the wheel (also 37 pockets).

The main differences have to do with bet types. French online roulette allows for numerous bets that are not available in other game versions. Among these options, the most notable bets are ones where the ball lands on zero, called “insurance-style” wagers. However, this variant’s low popularity means you probably won’t encounter this game in most online casinos.


Canasta is similar to roulette but does not feature a wheel. This game looks very similar and is most prevalent in Latin America. In canasta, a ping pong ball acts as a substitute for the wheel, and there is one ball for each of the numbers in roulette. A bingo-style cage houses all of the balls, and spinning the cage results in a draw.

You will find no shortage of Latin American punters who adore this game. However, most gamers still prefer one of the more traditional roulette versions. As a result, canasta hasn’t evolved beyond a local game favored in Latin America.

Third Zero

Greed is a powerful motivator, and several US casinos are currently testing roulette wheels with a third zero as another pocket. The resulting house edge is insanely high, ensuring casinos profit from this game significantly more than in European or American roulette.

Most casino punters looking to play online roulette, especially novices, might not even notice they are playing this game. Therefore, we recommend keeping your eyes sharp and walking away if you see a third zero on the wheel. 

Types Of Roulette Bets

When you first approach a roulette table, seeing chips everywhere can seem confusing. If you’re playing online, you’ll have more privacy and a more organized gaming experience. Roulette bets exist in numerous types, but we’ll cover the two main categories to make things simpler. These are inside and outside bets and each provides punters with various ways to win with each roulette spins. 

There are different ways to define inside bets, but most agree that they are bets players place on the numbers. You’ll find these numbers at the roulette table inside the betting area. Inside bets include:

  • Split bet
  • Straight bet
  • Corner bet
  • Street bet
  • Double street bet.

On the other hand, outside bets are ones players place outside of the number boards on the roulette table. These bets let players wager on different number groups and provide better odds compared to inside bets. However, the trade-off is that outside bets pay much less. Outside bets are:

  • Red/black bet
  • Low/high bet
  • Dozen bet
  • Even/odd bet
  • Column bet.

How Do I Play Roulette?

In-person roulette is different than online roulette. Playing online is the choice of thousands of punters worldwide for numerous reasons. Most notably, online gaming means you’ll by yourself at an exclusive table, and you alone control the game. 

Place all of the bets you want before hitting the “Spin” button. Your bets remain locked until the game ends, and your only input at this point is watching the electronic online roulette wheel spin. Wait for the ball to land and collect your winnings or go for another spin. Good luck! 

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