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Famous Facebook House Where Zuckerberg Lived is Renting For $10k

The Silicon Valley house where teens Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz created their infamous Facebook platform is available rent. You too could live like the famous entrepreneurs by renting this spacious 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath and it will only cost you…$10,000 a month. Not including utilities.

The home is 3,000 square feet, so the property is huge. Bonus is that for the price tag, they include a gardener.

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Beautiful home in much desired Los Altos Country Club Community! – Our YouTube virtual video tour of the property.

You too, can be the next Silicon Valley Tech Giant! You can read the article written by Mary K. Jacob of the New York Post on a former tenant of this great rental property.

Zillow Listing

The home is also listed as a great Feng Shui property because the owner Judy Fusco had the home blessed by a monk (eye roll). According to the New York Post she said, “When I decided then I was going to put the house up for rent, I invited a monk to come bless the house. As he was going around the house, he said, ‘Someone who was going to be very rich and famous will come live here.’”

If you want to view the ridiculously priced house you can by clicking the link here. I’ve included a YouTube tour of the property below.

Ugh Why?

Now I don’t know everyone’s history with roommates but personally it’s never gone well for me. Especially when I was in my 20’s. Could I probably do it now? Sure but do I want to? NOOO. I don’t know anyone who’d want to live with roommates and to be honest? Even if you split the cost of rent by room it comes out to about $1,700. Plus the cost of food and utilities which won’t be cheap.

All I’m saying is that Apple can start by building things in a garage, no amount of money is going to guarantee your success in life. It’s ridiculous that they’re saying that renting this will give you a better chance at becoming rich or your tech business will become a hit. Why not just save your money and rent something in your price range… Then again, that’s just my opinion.

The Facebook House is also not a horrible idea if this is what you’re into. Good for you if it is. I’d just rather spend my money and resources on renting something like The Golden Girls” house. At least something used in a show I liked would make me feel good about being there. Theoretically living in the Facebook house? It just makes me feel icky (see bourgeois).

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