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Head & Shoulders Japan Releases Epic New Anime Commercial

Head & Shoulders has really outdone themselves with this new commercial. It may be for a Japanese market, but it sure makes me want to use it. This commercial is so good, you really could use it in any part of the world and it would likely increase sales. “H & S Presents: The Chase” is full of action and combats the stigma that having dandruff somehow makes you uncool. Watch it below.

In the commercial it would appear a spy is being hunted and no matter where he goes the pursuers find him. The character Ando is slick and looks good at his job except for one thing. When they finally lock him down and confront him he asks them “How Takashi? I deserve to know..” to which they reply, “Your dandruff.” Then they have a bunch of gross pictures of them tracking his dandruff from place to place. Luckily he has a man on the inside who slips him some Head and Shoulders so he can slip out.

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This commercial to me just screams that you can be a super cool person and still need a little help now and then. I don’t think I’ve ever felt cooler just thinking about the prospect of using H&S. Normally it’s seen as a medical shampoo but this commercial made it feel like an essential tool.

I may be a fan of anime already, but if I were to see this commercial and I wasn’t it would probably still catch my eye. They did a great job with this. What do you think? Would you give H&S a chance after watching this?

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