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Chicken Arms Are Back In Stock for Your Roosters and Hens!

I wanted to write an article about this a few months ago, but unfortunately at the time these chicken arms were no where to be found. Lucky for us, they seem to be everywhere now, so if you ever needed some cool T-Rex or baby arms for your favorite chicken, here’s your chance.

Have family that’s coming to visit who are already uncomfortable with your chickens? These will make them feel even worse about looking into those beady little eyes. Slap on a pair of these and call it a day.

These can go from anywhere between $5 and $10 on Etsy and and are also sold on Amazon. All kinds of colors are also available.

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The Perfect Prop for your chickens, Guaranteed to make everyone laugh!
What’s there more to say? The picture says it all!


The makers of these on Etsy will also size them to your chicken. Depending on the breed you may need a larger or smaller size. We want to get your chicken set up so they don’t look ridiculous. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to order some fashionable arms only to have them fall off?

All we ask is if you do get some please send us some quality chicken pictures!

Also if you want to get baby arms for your chicken there are some cool options on Amazon you can view by clicking here.

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