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Check to See if Cargo Ship is STILL STUCK In Suez Canal

Earlier this week, the Suez Canal made headlines around the world. Maybe not for the reasons you’d normally think, as a ship’s captain somehow managed to get his cargo vessel STUCK. And not just….stuck, either.

Many online are comparing this unfortunate occurrence to the notable golf cart scene in “Austin Powers.” This gaff is actually costing upwards of $10 billion a day. This is both in the manpower and resources the Egyptian government is throwing at the problem, and the complete halting of ships being able to use the Canal. Upwards of 10% of all world trade has come to a halt with this issue.

So, if you REALLY need to know if that cargo ship is still stuck, there is now a website for you.

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IsTheShipStillStuck is a website that recently appeared, and contains daily updates as to the situation. There is a satellite image showing the ship and the canal, and a counter of just how much money this is costing on a daily basis.

There is also now Ever Given Anywhere, a website that’ll allow you to photoshop the cargo ship anywhere.

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