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Incredible Coffee Bean Sculptures of Marvel Characters

There’s a new artist making the rounds, or should I say….grounds….since they are carving some of the most iconic Marvel characters using coffee beans!

Artist Valeriano Fatica is an expert at carving foods. Previously, he has created some epic sculptures out of watermelon, and is now carving coffee beans. In fact he has an entire collection of Marvel coffee beans including Nick Fury, Iron Man, Thanos, the Hulk, and even Groot! These things are amazing almost like a bronze sculpture foundry produced them.

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One things for certain. They have great knowledge of the texture of a coffee bean and extremely steady hands. I can’t imagine how much time went into perfecting this craft.

If you like what you see, you can purchase Fatica’s work here. If you order just the sculpture on Etsy, they will run you about $200. For a fully painted sculpture ,the cost is even more. How you would display this is another issue.

For more interesting creations from Valeriano Fatica you can follow them on Instagram.

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