Want Your Own 6.5-Foot Blockbuster Sign for $9k?

Remember the days of yore when you would go to a physical brick and mortar store and rent movies for the weekend? You’d grab some snacks that were so delicately placed by the checkout counter collect your friends and then watch movies ALL night. It didn’t even matter what the movie was about sometimes it was the cover that sold it and the starring actor.

Well if you miss the good old days, you can get yourself a piece of history with this 6.5 ft metal Blockbuster sign now being sold on eBay for a Buy-it-now price of $9,000.

Of course I want this. It’s not even a matter of where would I put it. Screw it everything is coming off the wall to make room for my new baby. Alas we can never be as my husband also pointed out if we decide to make a purchase we should just pay off the car… stupid pragmatic answer. So I refer to you, the Nerdbot reader. Maybe you can live this dream for me.

The sign is amazing, and when it’s lit up it looks like it’s got lots of shining stars that come through the dark blue. The yellow font and the outer rim also shine brightly reminding us of a better time. Sometimes I remember how Netflix wanted Blockbuster to buy them and think of how things could have been. It would have been a completely different business model and I bet physical media would still be honored. But alas it was not to be.

Check out the listing for this amazing Blockbuster sign here.