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Former Power Rangers Return for New Fan Series


Brody Romero, Ninja Steel Red Ranger must learn from all of the different Ninja-Themed Seasons in order to fight the returning Jungle Fury villain; Dai Shi.

William Shewfelt, Jessica Rey, and Colin K. Bass star in episode 1 of “Power Rangers: Rise of The Ninja! This brand new fan series brings back Power Rangers of the past and bridges multiple seasons together for the first time ever!

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“You are the last connection between all of the ninja rangers of the past. Ninjetti, Alien Rangers, Ninja Storm and Ninja Steel. They’re all connected, they’ve just never been united. Until now. Brody Romero…you are the chosen one.” – Jackson Brooks

Will Brody Romero find and master his inner element? Can we expect to see more Power Rangers return? Find out next time on “Power Rangers: Rise of the Ninja”!

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