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“Lord of the Rings” Fan Builds Hobbit Hole in Scotland

Reddit is slowly becoming by best friend these days. Somewhere between searching old posts for interesting things and constantly reading AITA posts, I found this gem of a house created by a serious “The Lord of the Rings” fan.

This beautifully made hobbit hole was posted in r/cozyplaces by u/KahlumG about three years ago. From the post comments we surmise that their uncle had finished the home about ten years prior to them posting the images. Check it out below!

Unfortunately the only details we have about the home is that his uncle built it. Here is the comment found on reddit about what they know about the construction of the home.

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It’s probably not a good time to visit now however. At the time of this writing travel is still not advisable between countries and COVID-19 is still lingering in certain places. But when things do get better this will be a place we want to add to our bucket lists. Even if just to sign the guest book and take a picture standing in front of this amazing structure. I suppose it would be fun to dress up a bit when you do too.

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