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All January 2021 “Pokémon GO” Spotlight Hours

A new year is fast approaching and that means new challenges for trainers! As we close out this year, we can look forward to new opportunities to catch some special Pokémon. For January, trainers can look forward to four Pokémon spotlight hours in “Pokémon GO.”

Image Credit: Niantic & The Pokemon Company

Following its previous trend, the game is offering trainers a new spotlight hour each week. That means we can expect a spotlight hour every Tuesday from January 5 to January 26. Each mini-event will offer a massive spawn rate increase for a particular Pokémon. You’ll know exactly when the event is happening, as you will open your app to see hordes of that particular creature all over the place. During the hour, there will also be a single bonus feature available. It’s almost like a mini Community Day!

For January, players are getting special spotlight hours for Lillipup, Drifloon, Shroomish and Phanpy. Each event will offer players a unique bonus. If you desperately need stardust or XP, then make sure you take part in these events! The events are as follows:

Tuesday, January 5: Lilliput will take the spotlight. Players earn twice the stardust for catching Pokémon.

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Tuesday, January 12: Drifloon will take the spotlight. Players earn twice the XP for every Pokémon caught.

Tuesday, January 19: Shroomish will take the spotlight. Players will earn twice the candy for each Pokémon caught.

Tuesday, January 26: Phanpy will take the spotlight. Players earn twice the candy for transferring Pokémon.

So, look forward to tons of Pokémon to capture in 2021! While none of the spotlight Pokémon are particularly powerful, it’s nice to know we can strengthen the ones we have. Let’s keep improving in the new year!

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