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Nerdbot’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Cultivating a Nerdy Kid

One thing I love about Christmas is that I get to shop for all the things I wanted to get my kid into but didn’t have a “reason” during the rest of the year. To be clear- I get my daughter a lot more than I probably should, but I do like to save the fun stuff for the holidays. Some of these things I’ve gotten her and she loves and other things are a cool ideas that I’m probably going to get in the future.

Here is Nerdbot’s gift guide for cultivating a nerdy human [i.e. your kid]:

For Younger Kids

Geometric Shape Puzzle

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This one is great for kids that like to be creative. It’s very affordable and guarantees hours of play. There are cards with things that they can make but they can also make their own things. My daughter likes to make things like foxes and wolves which are not included in the cards. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a great thing to play with your child as well.

Mineral Collection and Identifier Kit

This mineral identification kit is something that we love to play with. Not only does it come with minerals it comes with things like fossils and sharks teeth. There is a booklet that helps you to identify the objects and it’s fun to watch as your kid sorts them into piles. Plus if you want you can even use the rocks and minerals in other things you play with. My daughter would play with the rocks in her kinetic sand and make pictures with them. Kinetic sand will not be on this list because it’s very messy, but if you want to check some out you can click the link here.

Catan Junior

Looking to start playing Catan but lack the amount of adults you would need to play a real game? Get Catan Junior and teach your kids how to play so that they can eventually play the adult version with you! And you can always get the regular version if you have older kids older than 9.

Science Experiments for Kids

This one is fun for the whole family. It comes with 20 pieces and allows your young scientist to explore and learn the basics of science from chemical reactions to the use of science tools.

For Older Kids

Droid Commander Building and Coding Kit

While browsing Costco I found one of this years hottest toys. This kit not only involves building but also allows the kids to code. The app you use has drag and drop coding so even the novice can learn quickly. It helps your child learn technical skills as well as critical thinking. Plus it’s “Star Wars” so mom and dad will want to play with it too.

Looksee Boxes

If you want to be the cool gift giver this year I recommend Looksee boxes. They come with a variety of things all themed to the gift recipients likes. For instance my kid LOVES Sonic. She’s obsessed. And she likes mystery boxes(thanks YouTube) so unboxing everything included will be one surprise after another. There are quite a few variations on these Looksee boxes including “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, various Anime, Games, and more. I gifted some of these last year and everyone who got one(especially the adults) were beside themselves.

Nintendo Switch

So this one you’re probably thinking “duh, of course a Nintendo Switch makes the list”. But fear not I’ll also give you a couple of game ideas.

For instance there is a game called “Snipper Clips” that my daughter(6yrs) loves. It is great because it teaches critical thinking and it’s all about solving puzzles. That or “Animal Crossing” would be great for a younger kid because AC also encourages reading and doesn’t have very difficult words. Minecraft allows them to build and explore different worlds, and will keep them entertained for hours.

For older kids it’s up to your discretion. You can opt for something older like “Breath of the Wild” or go for a newer game. Super Mario 3D Allstars would be a good pick. And if you want something to play with them try Overcooked or Mario Kart.

For Kids Who Loves YouTubers

Moriah Elizabeth’s Plushies

Moriah is a big hit with the kids as they watch her customize squishies that you would normally find in the trash. She has a bunch of original plushies out that she’s created a squishy of and if your kids a fan, they’re going to have to have one. Even if they aren’t you can check them out because she’s got things like a pineapple duck named Georgie and a cute dinosaur named Pickle. Each made very well and unique enough that your kid or the kid your buying for is sure not to have one like it.

Lanky Box Plushies Foxy and Boxy

These two are probably some of my favorite YouTubers because they’re basically babysitters when I need to write. They have there own personas and have plushies out that go with them. Justin is Boxy and as my kid says “the smart one” and Adam is Foxy, “the silly one”. The stuffed animals are very cute too and well made. We already have the pair and they do have other things on their shop if plushies aren’t your style.

I do want to make a note that if your kid enjoys other YouTubers then they probably have a shop with merch as well. And your kid wouldn’t be expecting you to be paying attention to what they watch so it will be a total surprise to them.

I hope this list helped you decide what things you could do for your favorite little nerdling. And if you need help with other ideas make sure you check out some of our other gift lists for this season!

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