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Hasbro Releases Play-Doh with Grown Up Scents Like Bacon, Cut Grass

Does anyone remember when Nickelodeon would make pizza-scented Gak in the 90s? Well that was kind of fun when we were kids, because the scent was different than the usually kid -friendly scents they would normally give us. Scents like vanilla or chocolate or strawberry were rampant on the toy shelves. Even more so with all of the scented goodies like Num Noms and surprise bags for kids.

But what do you do if you’re a grown up and want your own Play-doh scents? Hasbro has answered our wishes, and just came out with some very adult scented Play-doh. Don’t be gross, I’m talking about things like bacon and cut grass. Though I do wonder what “Mom Jeans” smells like…


Get a nose full of adulthood with this Play-Doh Grown Up Scents Multipack! Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like despair – but rather, things you might encounter doing your adulting. Scented adult Play-Doh compound is the fun you didn’t know you needed in your life! With 6 assorted colors and smells in this variety multipack, there’s something to make everyone laugh. Skip the line of coffee snobs with Overpriced Latte coffee scent, give your gal pal a Play-Doh Spa Day with floral scented, or give the ultimate dad joke comeback with Dad Sneakers new shoe smell. Smells like a pretty great gift or adult party favor that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Includes 24 ounces of Play-Doh modeling compound.

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The scents not listed above include Fresh Cut Lawn, Bacon and Mud Mask.

You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.

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