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The Perfect 2020 Memento: Grab Your Own Murder Wasp

This year has been full of surprises. From a virus to murder wasps, to crazy weather- it was a true game of bingo as no one knew what to expect next. Thanks to Bic’s Bugs, we can now own a very special piece of 2020 to remember forever. Our very own murder wasp that we can display as proof that we lived through the worst year ever (so far, let’s not jinx it).

They have three different options. You can get an unmounted, mounted or “wet” wasp. The wet wasp is presented in a vial with 70% isopropyl alcohol to preserve it. They range from about $51-$61 depending on which version you choose to get.

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This would make an interesting gift since it’s definitely not what someone would expect. Probably don’t get it for your friend who’s afraid of bugs or anything with a stinger. You can check out the listing here.

Approximate size of specimen:

2 inch wingspan

Interesting Facts about Vespa mandarinia:

Also known as the yak-killer hornet, Vespa mandarinia are found in Japan. These fantastic beasts create nests by digging tunnels, co-opting pre-existing tunnels dug by rodents, or occupying spaces near rotted tree roots. They feed primarily on larger insects, tree sap, and commonly steal honey from honey bee colonies! Also, their sting is excruciating and they are responsible for 30-40 human deaths a year in Japan!

Read about when we first learned about these “Murder Wasps” earlier this year. If you’re wondering how they may be acquiring these to sell, it could be from people vacuuming them up in order to protect our bee population. They have been very invasive and have been taking over areas and decimating our bee population. So if you see any it’s very important to report it to local animal control.

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