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Godzilla Goes on First Date With A Very Lucky Girl

When you grow up there are certain cartoon crushes you can’t help but have. For me it was Trent from “Daria” and Tuxedo Mask from “Sailor Moon.” When I turned 13 a date with either would have been amazing. But for one lucky girl- her dream date was Godzilla. Thanks to a TV station in Japan she got her wish.

The two were able to go on a date after she wrote to Osaka television show “Tantei! Knight Scoop,” asking to go on a date with Godzilla. They interviewed the girl at her house where she was able to show off her extensive Godzilla figure collection and show off her roar. When she saw that Godzilla was waiting for her outside she was beside herself and even shed a few tears.

On the date they did things like hold hands at the Godzilla museum, have a picnic with a bento box and they ended the date on the beach where the girl even proposed! Unfortunately Godzilla is a free spirit and did not accept but what a great story to tell her classmates and future husband.

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It was cute when they ate the bento box she prepared. Since Godzilla couldn’t actually eat she just pretended to give him the food and something to drink, we’re sure he appreciated it.

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