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Beautiful “Star Wars” Mosaics PERFECT for Tricking Grandma

Remember that thing that was going around online where they had a picture of Obi-Wan Kenobi that people were sharing as Jesus? And then there was that one person who printed it out and put it in their home waiting for someone to notice. Or how about the time that Obi-Wan ended up on a Morman pamphlet that was handed out at church? Well in order to do all that you need a perfect picture.

That’s exactly what Scadarts has done with his latest photoshop mosaics of famous Star Wars characters on Instagram.

Can you imagine printing out a fake textbook page and altering history a bit? I can. And the first person I would show is dear old grandma. I mean, she once believed that the microwave was UV protective because I put a sticker from my sunglasses on the door of it. Now I didn’t mean to trick her, but hey.. it lead to a pretty funny running joke.

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They’ve also created some that may not be quite as believable. This one only because there is a gun included with Leia and then the next because well, I don’t think that Yoda would fly even with the most gullible group.

This one however may be pretty convincing of Palpatine.

What do you think? You can follow Scadarts on Instagram here.

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