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Grow Your Own Rainbow Corn this Fall and Experience Magic

If you ever thought about growing your own corn but it just seems a bit boring, well maybe you should try to grow some rainbow corn! That’s right you can grow rainbow corn and it’s a surprise pattern every time you shuck it.

Sherwood Seeds on Etsy has special seeds that you can get, plant and grow these magical cobs on. They are totally real and will be a treat for any adult or kid who has the pleasure of eating them. Marketed as the most beautiful corn in the world, these Glass Gem corn cobs are definitely one of the wonders of nature. The Etsy Description is as follows:

Sherwood Seeds
Sherwood Seeds

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Glass Gem Corn is the most beautiful corn in the world.

Extremely rare, this unique strain of flint corn was developed by Carl Barnes, who, before his passing, gave these seeds to friends who shared his passion in gardening.

These seeds come directly from our small farm here in Fallsington, PA. We have been growing and breeding corn varieties for years and it has been a pleasure to work with Glass Gem. We have worked to improve the glassiness and color variation in this variety and can now boast 3 different strains including the Glass Gem, Rubies/Amber and Pearls/Sapphires.

Glass Gem is a flint corn which can be made into a decent popcorn or ground into flour. We think it’s so beautiful to simply look at.

You can check out the listing here.

They also sell all sorts of variations, like Amethyst Dream Corn. It’s absolutely beautiful. Check out that listing by clicking here.

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