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Amazon Australia Accidentally Posts “Demon’s Souls” Remake Screenshots

Being the Chosen Undead means everything in the universe wants to kill you. You walk around your world expecting to find a fight around every corner. At least you can admire the gothic and grotesque beauty of your world while you die time and time again. Now, thanks to some surprise sources, we are getting a small glimpse into what that world will look like in the next gen. Two new screenshots have appeared online of the “Demon’s Souls” Remake.

From Software and PlayStation

Since the game’s initial announcement earlier this summer, things have been pretty quiet. There’s been no news on the game’s progress or a release date. So it came as a shock to everyone when screenshots for the game suddenly appeared on Amazon Australia. Of course, these images did not remain there long.

Their appearance was an accident, and Amazon quickly pulled the images. However, the damage was already done. Someone had already captured the images and posted them.

The first screenshot features the main character standing in front of a towering building. Mostly bare trees line the front of this formidable structure. It’s hard to see it clearly thanks to the brightness of the god rays in the scene. However, many fans believe this could be Boletaria Palace. The second screenshot seems to be a different angle of an image officially released months ago. It’s a side-on view of the game’s tutorial boss Vanguard. The bosses always have a way of making the main character look small.

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FromSoftware & PlayStation
FromSoftware & PlayStation

So at least we have these images to hold onto as we wait for more official information on “Demon’s Souls.” I’m sure most of you will just replay “Dark Souls” for the eight thousandth time while you wait.

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