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EXCLUSIVE: Nerdbot Media Acquires Crimson Vision Studios

In a move to further strengthen an already great relationship, Crimson Vision Studio has officially become part of Nerdbot Media. 

After years of collaborating on film projects, the tradition will continue as Nerdbot Media will begin to manage and produce Crimson Vision’s existing catalog and developing new content.

Crimson Vision Studios currently has 3 active video series, and will be continuing under its studio brand.

Shattered Past,” “Rise Of The Ninja,” and “First Ninja.”

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You can watch the first episode of “Shattered Past” here.

With onscreen talents Colin K. Bass, William Shewfelt, Dade Elza, D.J. Rivers and Marc Arjona…the future of these series are looking bright. 

“Having Crimson Vision Studios under the Nerdbot umbrella is a great and exciting move. With CVS studio heads Colin Bass and Sean Swanson, it’s a talent pool we’re excited to produce content with. Along side our physical yearly convention events and marketing platforms, we’re ready to help give these already successful series an additional outlet for their content,” said Elvin Zuleta, Media Manager of Nerdbot Media.

Make sure to follow Crimson Vision Studios for future updates.


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