Incredibly Comfortable Horror VHS Cover Fleece Blankets Are Here!

Whether or not you’re in the Halloween spirit and are looking to decorate or are a true Horror fan who keeps things up all year round, these blankets are definitely for you. Shop Creepy Co. has a couple blankets based on old VHS covers for horror films that we would love to get our hands on. The colder weather is coming, and when it does we’re going to want to snuggle up with some pumpkin flavored treats and comfy pj’s and blankets.

They do have more of these but these two are a couple of our favorites. They also have a pretty sweet necronomicon pillow that you can pair with the Evil Dead blanket.

Each one is 60″ x 50″

  • “minky” finish fleece material: ultra soft, super luxe
  • “lifted bubble” back lining: “shadow gray” color
  • double-paneled for extra coziness!
  • machine wash cold separately (hand wash always recommended)
  • line dry or tumble dry low (no high heat!)

Check out the entire line of comfy blankets by clicking the link here. These would make a great gift and again, since they are a fleece material, are super soft. Plus double paneled means extra comfort.

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