Is Card Counting an Issue For Online Casinos?

Card counting is a skill that can be defined as the counting of cards. This is why each deck of cards has a dictated number of cards that have specific values. When looking at blackjack, the Kings, Queens, and Jacks count for 10, with Aces worth either 1 or 11.

 A deck of 52 has 16 cards whose value is 10. If you multiply sixteen by six, then you get ninety-six, which is an overpowering number of cards that can bring about confusion. However, this large number of cards is convenient for many card counters because it increases the chances of landing a strong card.

In online gambling, everyone, it is clear that the house wins. In the gambling world, the casinos end up in profit. Consequently, from the time casinos began operating, many people looked for ways to level the playing field and remove the house’s edge. Sometimes people may decide to let go of making palming cards, fake chips, and trying to ensure that they do not lose. On the other hand, others tried other options like card counting.

The most common cheating methods were outlawed, and those that tried to do away with them found themselves in bad books with the casino’s security teams. As far as card counting is concerned, it is quite complicated in the sense that it is discriminated against by brick and mortar casinos. This becomes a challenge to the intelligent. Now that casinos are online, it is obvious to ask whether cards can be counted online. What Is  card  counting?


In simple terms, card counting entails keeping track of how many low and high-value cards have been dealt with during a game. In theoretical terms, this becomes easier for the players who are counting to know if they have an advantage during betting over the dealer.

We have so many systems of counting cards, and the best one stipulates that high cards are more relevant to players, while low cards are of importance to the dealer. If the number of high cards left in a deck is higher, the player’s edge increases, so the chances of winning are higher.

There are so many reasons why high cards are better for the player, one being that it enables one to be secure since they have the opportunity to make it in Bitcoin Blackjack. Casinos are further known for stopping the card counters from making it by letting them play with two or more deck of cards, thus making it difficult to track the dealt cards.

Types of Online Blackjack

Online blackjack has two significant games for its players. The first one is computerized, whereas the second is about playing with a dealer who is live and speaks to people during the game. The answer to whether the counting of cards would work online depends on how the games below are played.

Computerized Blackjack.

Electronic blackjack makes use of a system of number generation that is random. This system decides the cards that will be given to the player in question. It creates a random result. The result is usually the deck order showing the cards that all the concerned players have dealt. Essentially The random generation of numbers in a game that is computerized is difficult. To add on that, it is not easy to know when the generation occurs and changes the order of the deck. As a player, You may find that the number of low cards has increased, thus favoring you, although this might not be the case.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack is different from CBC in the sense that it can work with card counting. As a player, you have the deck on the table and, therefore, can monitor how the cards are dealt. Consequently, counting cards in Live Dealer Blackjack is simpler.

Naturally, both types of casinos are aware that players can come up with illegal ways of counting cards. Due to that, measures have been put in place to curb these ways.

Stopping Card Counters in Online Casinos 

Various items need to play to your tune for counting cards to be possible. This applies to both bricks and mortar casinos.


Rules outlined in any casino should favor you; if not, you are free to hit the road. Once you find that the rules are not friendly, then you should avoid them at all costs.

The Meaning of Deck Penetration

Deck penetration is the amount of deck that is dealt with before the shuffling of cards. The number of cards that you dealt out determines the number that you will be able to count. This is when you will be able to know when things are in your favor.

There are a good number of online casinos that present a live game with deck penetration being fifty percent. This helps in card counting. With online casino games, you can also be able to use your skills in card counting. For instance, when playing, especially with a four-deck shoe and you find that some cards are nowhere to be found, you still have an opportunity to win.

How Many Games Are Played Per Hour? 

The purpose of card counting is simply to earn or win cash. That means that the more games you play per hour, the more money you win. Also, the number of cards you see on the moving table and the table’s speed determines the amount of money being won.

A professional card counter can see over one hundred rounds per hour.

Other Reasons Card Counting Online Is a No-No

Online Casino Losing

During the game, you should be wary of the odds in order to make a profit. Moreover, if you don’t get a chance to bet on someone’s hand, then it is almost impossible to make money. 

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