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Leather “Alien” Facehugger Mask Helps Make Sure People Social Distance

There are some masks that are a bit disturbing. Some are awesome don’t get me wrong but others are just scary. You know the ones where it’s an image of a face melting or bloody teeth? Well now on Etsy a seller going by the name of LeatherHubPatterns has a pattern up which will allow you to make your very own leather facehugger mask from “Alien,” and we kind of need it.

It’s not quite as scary as the other ones, but also will still promote social distancing.

LeatherHubPatterns on Etsy

They are selling the pattern and have ample instructions on how to execute the work. Including this video tutorial from Facebook.

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It’s a really neat project and if you don’t know anyone crafty enough to make one, they also have some suggestions on the listing as to who you could commission. Hope everyone is staying safe and well out there! And also keeping your fandoms up with your mask choices.

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